Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Set List

Well, as promised, here is a new blog post.

Below is a main title I scored. It's for a web series called, "The Set List" which you can follow over at

For those of you who don't know, I also do graphics and editing, and I created this main title as well. First I composed what I thought the music should be and then created the main title around it.

So, here it is!

Funny Story ... well, not really THAT funny but I'll tell it anyway:

When I started writing the music for this I was really excited because I never really had the opportunity to score my own graphics. I was always doing one or the other. So I got into the zone and just started writing. Once I snapped out of it, I realized I had like 24 tracks of instruments and I had a full orchestra going and it was EPIC! While it would have been hilarious, it definitely didn't fit with the vibe of the show. So I got rid of all that and started over with some basic instruments.

Then I got a little out of hand again, and had different 8-bit sounds and synthesizers in there and it sounded very 80's as my loving fiancé pointed out. So I pulled all the extra crap out and just left it to a very raw rock band feel it seemed, to me, to fit perfectly.

The drum shot in the beginning, by the way, was shot by a guy named Kelly Moore. He's a friend of mine but didn't actually shoot that for this project. He shot it for another project by the same company and they gave me the shot to use as the opening. Good stuff.



  1. the video/ cue didn't work

    please fix so I can enjoy...

  2. I just played it on a bunch of different computers. It seems to be working correctly. You have Flash installed, right?

  3. Great cue and awesome graphics too! Hey, that rhymed! Keep up the good work. You should post your 8-bit infused cue... I'm really curious to hear that version!