Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cinematic Lullabies Web Site!

Hey! Just a quick update. I finally have a website up for Cinematic Lullabies! Go check it out and leave a suggestion for the next album!


ALSO: I plan on posting some music very soon! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walking Dead Lullaby

Hey y'all! I'm finally getting back into writing some music, so hopefully this blog won't be so barren for so long! I just whipped up a quick little Walking Dead Lullaby for everyone! Have fun! See if you can get the little one to sleep using it!

And don't forget to check out Cinematic Lullabies if you haven't already! Trying to see how many people are into it and what I should do for the second album. Leave a comment! Let me know!

You can purchase the album at:

iTunes and Amazon MP3

Also, a hard copy is available at Amazon for the hardcore out there!

Walking Dead Lullaby

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cinematic Lullabies

Hey! So my album is finally out there for the world to see!

After listening to a bunch of lullaby classical music and rock lullaby renditions (courtesy of Rockabye Baby), I decided to make a lullaby album of some of the big themes in movies we've all grown up with.

This was a huge labor of love as I got to not only spend months working on music I love but I also have the opportunity to introduce my daughter to some of the most memorable themes in movie history.

Now I realize I don't have EVERYTHING but there's a good amount here. Hopefully I'll get around to making another one with more movie themes (or based on the two bonus tracks of this album ... TV Themes?)

I didn't put any samples on this post because I haven't had the time yet but I wanted to get the word out there. You can hear the samples wherever you choose to download the album (if you so desire).

You can purchase the album at:

iTunes and Amazon MP3

A hard copy will be available on Amazon within a few weeks if you'd like to wait for that. Check it out and let me know what you think (and feel free to leave reviews!).

ALSO! The AWESOME AMAZING SUPER COOL cover art for the album was done by the one and only Gino Burman-Loffredo!


1.   Star Wars (Main Title)
2.   Flying Theme from E.T.
3.   Home Alone
4.   James Bond Theme
5.   Hedwig's Theme
6.   Raiders of the Lost Ark
7.   Mission: Impossible (Main Title)
8.   Theme from Jurassic Park
9.   Superman (Main Title)
10. Bonus Track: Game of Thrones (Main Title)
11. Bonus Track: Close Your Eyes (Buffy/Angel Love Theme)