Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey y'all! So, I'm back! Had a scary week last week but all is good now and I can post and post and post...

Today's post is about a short film I just scored. I was hired to edit the film but I needed to have some kind of music to edit to for most of it, given the material. So, I set out to write a temp score. I figured it wouldn't be a waste of time because (A) I would learn some techniques/instruments (the story is based in India) and (B) at the very least, I could post the music here, regardless.

Well, they enjoyed the music so much that they're keeping it. So that's fun!

I'm going to let you guys hear the music in its entirety and explain where they belong in the film (so ... SPOILER ALERT! ). Sit back and enjoy the ride!