Monday, March 29, 2010

A Look Back

I decided to post some cues that have already aired (that I know of) on TV and what not. The first is a video. I composed the score to the first half of this video game trailer for a game called Velvet Assassin. The second part of the score was a cue pulled from the soundtrack for the game.

I'm currently reworking that cue to be a full orchestral set with new samples to be released in one of the libraries I'm working on now.

Ryan's Song
This next cue was used in an episode of The Real World: Brooklyn. I called it "Ryan's Song" because it happens when Ryan receives a phone call from his brother informing him that he's been called back to serve in Iraq. This was the very first cue I wrote that made it to television.

Deal With It
This cue was in the episode that followed where Ryan has to deal with the reality of his situation and inform his new best friend of his impending deployment. I was pretty stoked to have my music play during two of the biggest episodes of the season, and what I believed to be some of the biggest moments in The Real World history.

What Tension
This cue was used as the complete score for the Supertease at the end of the season premiere of The Real World: Cancun. The idea of the supertease was to show that these kids were on a self destructive path and I tried making the cue start low, but with a dark feeling underneath it, and then explode into mayhem, only to come back to a calm at the very end. I thought it worked very well with the edit.

Back To Basic
Then I jumped back on the path of writing a cue for the MTV Special, "Return To Duty." This was a project that followed Ryan (from RW Brooklyn) on his journey back into service in Iraq. There was a point in the show where Ryan goes back through training and gets re-acclamated to military life. So I wrote this cue for that spot but they ended up going in a different direction all together with that section anyway so it stands unused today.

The Interview
And this last song was used in The Real World: D.C. during a scene where one of the roommates, Mike, gets to meet with his congressman, who is the first congressman to run as an openly gay man and win apparently. It's a huge deal for Mike to get to meet him and this cue was used to kind of start off the episode and get into his long awaited interview with the congressman.

Well, that's it for now. There might be more music out there on other shows but these are the ones I know of. I'll update whenever I hear of my music being used anywhere as well as just bringing you new music I've composed.


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